Complete Guide: Greek-Inspired Beef Broth Fondue - Volume 2

This illustrated guide contains:

  • a delicious complete menu with nine perfectly paired recipes (appetizer, home-made broth, three fondue dips, side dishes, dessert and Greek coffee) and detailed instructions on how to make everything
  • recommended drink pairings
  • a detailed timeline that tells you when to start each recipe so everything is ready on time
  • decoration and entertainment ideas
  • an organized shopping list, with everything sorted by department so you can be in and out of the grocery store quickly
  • countless tips and techniques including a diagram showing how to set your table for a broth fondue dinner, how to use your fondue burner, how to adjust the recipes for fewer or more guests, nutritional information, and lots more!

And free BONUSES for you!

  • a fondue pot cheat-sheet showing which fondue pots are suitable for broth fondue
  • PDF invitations that you can personalize and print for your guests
  • PDF name tags/fork holders to avoid stains on your tablecloth and remind guests of their fork color
  • a black & white shopping list to print and take to the grocery store.
  • a short video showing how to put raw meat on your fork without getting your fingers dirty.
  • And Volume 1 (in case you don't already have it). It's a Mexican-style cheese fondue guide.
5 PDF, 1 TXT, 1 MOV and 1 JPG
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